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Reverse Camera Kit

Reverse Camera Kit
Reverse Camera Kit

This Reverse Camera Kit is designed to make reversing your caravan easy.  By placing the camera on the back of the caravan and the monitor on the inside of the car, you are able to view where you are reversing from the monitor screen. When reversing a large vehicle these are very helpful.


  • 7inch High Definition LCD Digital Monitor
  • Sunshade Visor 
  • 1 CCD Camera Available in Black or White (may purchase additional camera at extra cost)
  • 2 AV In/Out Which Can View Up To 2 Cameras (If Required)
  • Eyeball Camera Fully Waterproof and Shock Resistant 
  • Flush Mount Colour/Night Vision Camera With Sound For Caravan Exterior Wall
  • 5mt Vehicle Cable 
  • 15mt Caravan Cable
  • Wireless Remote Control Function



  • Black and White

Please specify which colour you need.

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